Bill O'Neil - director

Except that I can't sing.


Growing up, we had a piano in the house. I'm not formally trained but in college I would mimic the styles of Elton John & Billy Joel where I could fake it at parties. So, technically I'm a hack, but I have fooled enough of my clients by offering musical scoring and jingles.


In Chicago, you have probably heard my jingles for Back to Bed and Four Seasons and Danley's Garages. It's funny to hear them on the radio because I know that it's the closest I'll ever come to being a pop star.


Below are some jingles and themes I have written.

"When I grow up, I want to be a rock star."

Four Seasons' Jingle

Back to Bed Jingle

Bill O'Neil Composer Piano

Chicago Wolves Hockey Theme

Grape Soda

Duxler Nostalgia

Royal Wedding

Kung Fu Sofa


Spring Day

Red Carpet

Doo Bop

Flower Power

Olympic Triumph

Sand Angels

Military drill


Quirky Oohs


Country Road

All spots, photos and music © 2020 by Bill O'Neil